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  • Animation Showreel

    A compilation of personal, school and project-related work.

  • About!

    I graduated from The Animation Workshop, Denmark in 2018 with a bachelor degree in Character Animation and I'm a 2D type of person!

    - My focus is on good and passionate people, clear communication, fun and clever projects , professionalism in a positive work environment. I am generally an outgoing, social and curious creature!



  • Resume/CV

    Marie Post Riggelsen

    2D animator - Copenhagen, Denmark

    +45 2234 9346

    Work related experience

    • "Catsaway" Juice, March 2018 (dir. Marcin Karolewski)
      Freelance. 2D animation, TVPaint.
    • "Me... Jane" Prodigal Pictures/Cartoon Saloon fall/winter 2017 (dir. Tod Polson & Mark Oftedal
      Intern. 2D animation. TVPaint.
      2D Animation, Cartoon Saloon teaser project, Cha-am Thailand. 
    • "Solar Walk" 2017 (dir. Réka Bucsi)
      Intern. Clean-up and in-betweens. TVPaint.
      Animated film accompanied by live concert by Aarhus Jazz Orchestra (The Animation Workshop, Sønc, Nørlum)
    • "Within, without" 2018 (dir. Patrycja Ćmak)
      Production Manager & animator. TVPaint.
      Bachelor project, Animation Workshop, Viborg Denmark.
    • "Iben, Snorre og sneglen" 2016 (dir. Karla Nor Holmbäck)
      Animation. Paper cut-out style in Maya. 
      Short film from The National Film School of Denmark, Copenhagen. 
    • "Tiny Troopers" 2016 (dir. Pauline Champetier)
      Animation and character design. TVPaint.
      2D animated commercial for NGO Forest of the World
    • "Stellar" 2017 (dir. Laura Kunov)
      Additional color & clean-up. TVPaint.
      Music video. The Animation Workshop. Viborg Denmark.
    • "Eddsworld - Saloonatic" 2016 (Studio Cacti)
      Freelance. Clean-up and color animation.  TVPaint.
    • "Roar!" 2014 (dir. Leonard Bismuth) 
      Art director and animator. TVPaint.
      2D animated short short film for kids 3-6 years old.
    • "Deep Freeze 9" 2014
      Keys and character design. TVPaint.
      30 second short jam project. The Animation Workshop. Viborg Denmark.


    • 2014-2018 - Character Animation Bachelor degree 
      The Animation Workshop - Viborg, Denmark
    • 2013 - Character Design course 
      Animation Collaborative w/Dan Holland - Emeryville, California USA
    • 2013 - 3D Animation Basics course 
      Animation Collaborative w/Bruce Kuei - Emeryville, California USA 
    • 2011-2012 - Comic book school 
      Serieskolan, Kvarnby folkhögskola -  Malmö, Sweden 


    • TVPaint
    • Autodesk Maya
    • Adobe Photoshop 
    • ShotGun 
  • Contact

    Feel free to contact me through this form below or my personal e-mail mariepostriggelsen@gmail.com